Resolutions for 2011

Game on, 2011. This year I'm doing things a little differently. Usually my new year resolutions revolve around drinking more water, being a better person, getting fit enough for a marathon... that kind of usual nonsense (which may or may not happen, and usually repeat year after year). It's time to make a change, for sure this time!

I have clear goals in mind that I would like to see through until December 31st.
  • Keep a blog. Not only is this for fun, but it's to stay inspired and motivated. This is a means for me to post my personal art, as well as pieces by others that inspire me. As a blog is a public arena, I will feel more obliged to post. Plus I love to write, so be prepared for a few rants too.
  • Explore new mediums. There are mediums I have dabbled in such as watercolours, paper art, sewing and cross stitch which I have enjoyed once or twice, but have rarely continued. Regardless of the outcome, if I enjoy it, then why not do it? I will continue to discover new ways of creating things and just have fun, rather than returning to mediums I know or feel safe using.
  • Submit my pieces. On the smaller scale, I can submit my art here. My goal for 2011 is to submit a piece to Curvy magazine that I feel proud of/is my best work to date. I'm not expecting it to be used, but it would be pretty sweet!
  • Be a better person. OK, so this is a more personal one from last year (and the year before that), but it's not a bad thing to keep in mind. Specifically I want to stay positive, practice rolling with the punches, and spend more time with family. I want to keep developing myself and keep learning about what it is that I love. Also, for the lovelies I live with, I want to keep having the best time with my boy Ben, and be the best and most loving human for our pooch, Juno.
That about does it! Let's get this show on the road.

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