Come and join me at my new home. I'm still settling in, so excuse the mess... but head over to www.lucyolive.co.nz and check it out!

See you there kids.



Love is in the air... and not just because it's Valentines Day tomorrow. I'm feeling all happy inside because I've reached 300 lovely likers on Facebook! PLUS I'll be unveiling my blog's new look very soon – oh yes indeed, I can't wait to share it with you. It will still be crisp and clean, but done up a little bit... including a hint of delicious gold. As a sneak peak, I created a Heart of Gold wallpaper to preview the style of my new design! All you need to do is click here to download, and read below for further instructions.

1 :: Click on this link to access the free calendar desktop wallpaper.
2 :: Click 'File', then 'Download'.
3 :: Set to your computer's desktop, or print it out and tack it to your wall!

So.... who's doing something for Valentines Day? Ben and I don't really celebrate that kind of thing to be honest, I think we like to show our affections all year through rather than one extra-lovey day! Are you doing something special? Do you want to do something special, but have no one to be all lovey with? Fear not – take my wallpaper as a token of my affection for you. N'aww, be mine?



Finding the perfect gift isn't always easy. But imagine being a business wanting to send something out that will appeal to hundreds of people – it gets pretty tricky. This year my workplace (Tenfold Creative) tackled the Christmas debacle with a bit of kiwi flair. It was a fun little typographic project that everyone took part in! I crafted the words 'mint' and 'whanau' (Maori for 'family') for it.

The gift arrived on the recipient's desk folded as a shirt, displaying the words 'it's time to loosen the tie... another sweet as summer is about to unfold'. The shirt then opened out to become a tea towel – one that celebrates everything New Zealand in the summer season. Ka pai! (Awesome!)



The summer break was, quite frankly, awesome. Even though a quarter of my holiday was shaved off (I was called into work early, which is all good!) the summer break was exactly as it should be – jam-packed with adventures and happy moments. So much so that when selecting images from my Instagram account to feature as my holiday wrap-up, I had trouble selecting which ones summed up my break best... and that's just from Instagram pics! Part of the trouble is that New Zealand is probably the most beautiful country ever, I wish I was just as photogenic. Did you have a nice time welcoming in the new year? Without further ado (and in no particular order), here is my collection of summer bliss:


2012 :: IN A NUT SHELL

I did not expect that I would start 2013 sprinting through an old graveyard at midnight, giggling with terror. Sounds like the beginning of a horror flick, doesn't it? Minus the giggling, that is. But no, it was not the start of a scary movie, it was the start of a year that promises to be full of all kinds of amazing things. Just some of the sweet things in store for me this year include my brothers' wedding (of which I am Maid of Honour! And am doing the invites for, of course!), and also a much anticipated girls only trip to Hawaii (I'm saving up for the shopping!). As one year ends and another begins, I did a little reflecting on the year that was 2012. It was a cracker of a year I must say! So many amazing things happened to me. I thought I'd share a snap shot of what my year was like!



It's that time again... that time when we spend lots of time with family friends, put our feet up, and eat lots of goodies! It's also the time when Ben and I give out our Christmas cards – we have heaps of fun making our own cards each year. This time we used shots from our engagement shoot to create a little postcard. Ben cracked me up when he decided to make himself a Christmas tree, I couldn't stop laughing, what an egg! You can check out last year's card here.

I hope everyone has a relaxing break and enjoys Christmas. Thanks for keeping me company on the blog, I really appreciate your time and comments! Much love! x