A Quick Break

Command+S. Why do I not push these buttons more often?

I was going very well with my rendition of Viet-Bui's style. Spent about 3 hours working up a sketch on SketchBook Pro. Pretty much doomed myself when I said aloud to Ben "well, I think I'm at a point with this now where I'm happy to move on to colouring". I pressed save... and the program crashed. Of course I hadn't saved at all for the entire 3 hour duration. D'oh. Needless to say I was pretty grumpy. So I'm taking a break from that to recharge my batteries, and whipped this up super quick this morning.
Click for full-sized view
There's a bit of a design trend with silhouette's at the moment, which I'm really enjoying. I thought I'd do this little ditty showing Ben and I with our respective birth-countries (Australia and New Zealand). Came out rather cute for a quick jobby! How cute would something like this look on an invitation of sorts? (wink wink... hehe, just kidding) (Sorta)


  1. Anonymous6.3.11

    That's not Ben!?

  2. Did I accidentally silhouette the wrong person? I'll leave that decision up to you, Mr Anonymous.


  3. F***in' oath it's me! Ya galah!

    Its awesome luc! :) Its so cool, the mountain on your face looks like a balaclava hehe. Its a really cool lil idea for a portrait :)

  4. Definitely Ben...recognise that nose anywhere!!! Love it Luc, very clever. Jo