I'm not ashamed to say that I love my pooch – she's a perfect match for Ben and I! We smile and laugh everyday because of her. Needless to say she's going to be in attendance at our wedding this year, and yes, she needs to wear something pu-retty (she might actually look like a female for once). As you can see, she couldn't wait for her new collar to be finished.

Juno, who will turn two in May, is the most lovable piece of fluff. Ben and I have always loved British Bulldogs, but after months and months of researching it turned out they're also the best breed for us. We wanted a pooch that didn't require much exercise, wasn't as big as a horse and wasn't small enough to break, had a fun personality, and would just cruise/hang out with us.

"Despite their heavy, strong and determined appearance, British Bulldogs are affectionate and gentle companion animals. Whilst exceptionally loyal to their family, they remain good natured and are tolerant of children. Certainly not the most active of breeds, however what they lack in vigour and stamina, they make up for in unwavering devotion to their masters. Overall, British Bulldogs have an excellent temperament and will quickly consider themselves a part of the family." No mention there of the snoring, flatulence or the love of licking toes, but that's all part of what makes Juno the bestest.

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