I love having an excuse to make special things for people. A wedding is a really good one – there are so many in the support wings who deserve some appreciation! I made these little lolly packs for my girls to ask if they could be my bridesmaids.

I bought some cute, yellow jetplane brooches which are made from a hard resin. Then I pleased the local dairy owner and bought about 5 packs of jetplane sweets. I picked out all the yellow ones for the gifts, but I don't know what happened to the other coloured jetplanes. Honest.

Using clear cellophane, I made little baggies for the sweets and stapled them onto card, which had the brooch threaded through it. Excuse the crappy cellphone images. Needless to say the girls really liked them. And they all said yes, so I guess it worked.

Psst... you can see the wedding post here!

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