So, earlier in the week I showed you that incredible creation made with paper. Now I want to show you an incredible creation made on paper. How much do I adore the work by Rifle Paper Co? About as much as I love stationery. Which is lots.

But it just gets better. Yes, I do love beautiful stationery... but you know what else I love? Harmonious colour palettes, doodles and watercolours. No wonder these guys tick all the boxes in my books! Rifle Paper Co. is based in Florida and their designs feature the whimsical creations of Mrs Anna Bond. They've been featured all over the place, and have done so well with their guff that they've now opened up a shop filled with their own treasures! It's the kind of place where I'd spend double my budget quite easily; mainly because every gift I purchased would need to be matched by my own personal, keepable copy.

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