Cross-stitch isn't really a skill that comes naturally to me. First of all it often seems to require math, which is certainly not a strong point of mine. Secondly, it's full of strong points – needle points, that is. Ouch!

Nevertheless, it really is a nice thing to do every now and then. I find just chugging away with my needle and thread really soothing. Here's a little something I stitched for my wonderful mama to give her as a thank you on my wedding day. She was my right hand woman throughout the whole process; I really could not have done it without her keen eye and awesome advice. We have a bit of a personal joke about nuts (swanky nuts, even!) so I stitched this one especially for her. Acorns were also a decorational element on the table at the wedding so it tied in rather nicely! Mum was a massive support along the way and it was so nice being able to spend so much time with her. Love you mama.


  1. Robin19.5.12

    It was such a wonderful suprise and a very special gift, I'll treasure it always.... along with the beautifully moving 'Shut Your Piehole' embroidery that you'd made for me. Who loves ya baby? xx

    1. Yes, this embroidery is a bit less vulgar than the last one I gave you... but that could easily be changed by adjusting the acorn to different kinds of nuts, haha!