In just one month my fiance and I will be tying the knot... and while typical wedding tradition is something we are keeping in mind, we are also sometimes bending the rules to suit who we are. Since Ben proposed to me using a pancake (a little unusual but extremely 'sweet'... get it?), it just made sense to plan a morning wedding – complete with said food. Also, I'm not going to be wearing a white dress, it's just not me, and the last thing I want is to feel like someone else on the big day. To top it off, the evening of our wedding will be spent on a plane to our honeymoon destination of choice – Disneyland! In fact, because of the time difference, we'll arrive at the Disney resort on the same day of our wedding! If that's not bitchin' hitchin', I don't know what is.

Here is the stationery set I designed for our special day. We wanted something clean, contemporary, but with a bit of a handmade touch for our personality. I love consistency in my work, so I am going crazy with the fact that I can plan an entire day around a theme/colour scheme! Needless to say, Ben has let me loose to this enjoyment – but don't worry, he has his say too. In fact, because he can't see my dress before the wedding, he isn't telling what he and the groomsmen are wearing on the day! Well played, my love, well played.

Psst... you can see the wedding post here!


  1. Love your stationery design! It's a beautiful colour. Good on you for doing things your way

    1. Awh, thank you! With a love as great as mine for wedding stationery, it was pretty fun getting the chance to design my own.