Wine, beer, and other alcohol packaging are often nesting grounds for creative activity. When all you've got is a picture on a bottle to distinguish yourself on shelf, you've got to make an effort. I especially love these bottles which have been designed and illustrated by Caleb Heisey. As soon as I saw them, I was hooked. Each bottle tells a story, and each story is a pleasure to observe.

The brand, Folksaga, is a Swedish distillery of akvavit. This liquor is an old favourite of Scandinavians, but hasn't taken off with the American market... yet. The concept of this project was to broaden akvavit's appeal to the west while still maintaining it's nordic roots. "Each bottle features a popular folk tale from Sweden. Ranging from murky mermaids to terrible trolls, these mythological characters are always up to no good." The nature of these cheeky creatures suit the nature of the product (alcohol does create mischief after all!) and the colour combinations are stunning. Topping off the Scandinavian style is the chilly, frosted nature of the bottles themselves.

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