When my husband isn't eating all the biscuits and hogging the arcade machine at Flux Animation Studio, Ben works on all sorts of goodies – some of which have even earned some awards. But my favourite of his creations are his personal paintings, like the Cassowary above, which is definitely one of my  faves.

Even though he works in animation and I work in graphic design, we both use the same computer programs... so we have many a geeky conversation about Photoshop and the like, especially when we're working on things together. Speaking of which, we are combining our skills for a personal project which is on the brink of being finished. Ben's mountain painting above is a small piece of our little pursuit! In the mean time, you should definitely have a meander over at Ben's space – there's plenty of oddities to meet over there.

UPDATE: ...psst, the project is finished! Head over hear and check it out!