By the time Coffee Supreme had grown to be one of the largest coffee roasters and suppliers in the country, they knew it was time to take the next step in their branding. The folk at Hardhat Design took the brand up a notch. OK, maybe like four notches. It's pretty darn lovely, and really reflects Coffee Supreme's personality – their expertise, their hand-crafted attention to detail, and their absolute love of coffee.

As with any good design work, the new Coffee Supreme look is as functional as it is gorgeous. Take their take-out cups for example – three colours from the brand's palette distinguish the different sizes of  the cups. There are 16 cup designs in total, each one adorned with their own little illustration. I love the mixture of pencil, chalk, paint and ink. I also love what Hardhat prescribed for the brand's 'method and materials': "manilla, uncoated paper and card, red rubber bands, red stitching, brown paper bags, red and black ink, rubber stamps, embossing". Those words mixed together give me all kinds of warm fuzzies!

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