Whether it be an outfit, a CD cover or a living room, I'm picky about about how much colour I like to feast my eyes on. I prefer my colours in short, sharp doses on a neutral plane (or in continuous, rolling, gentle shades). Hence why I absolutely love this identity for Round Hill Music. But it's not just the pang of neon pink I love – it's the use of sticky tape as a device throughout the whole brand. Great stuff by Established NYC – see more below.

Round Hill Music are a boutique music rights company with their catalogue including the likes of The Beatles. The idea of tape being used throughout the brand comes back to it's common use in the music – from marking off notes on a piano, to taping microphones in place, to damping the sounds of the snare, tape is a frequent sight in the industry. Somehow the brand manages to pull off a creative, spunky look while maintaining the right level of elegance and trust. In any case, Round Hill's look is consistent,  memorable, and I heart muchly.

Found via Plenty of Colour

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